Below you will find common questions and answers about Bodylastics Bands:








Q: How does elastic resistance compare to free weights?

A: This is one of the most common questions that we receive in regards to elastic training. The short of it is that bands create tension just like free weights, but with a twist. Due to the natural properties of Latex (rubber) the tension actually increases as you elongate (stretch) the bands. Therefore, your muscles will be placed under more stress at the end of each repetition, which is optimal for muscle growth. Bands also do not create momentum, which is much easier on your joints.







Q: Is Bodylastics really effective?

Heck YES! Elastic resistance, the “engine”, of Bodylastics products, creates progressive linear resistance. This unique property of bands will give you more tension at the most optimal time during each rep. The result? Your muscles will respond by getting stronger and bigger. Need proof? We were hoping that you would ask. CLICK HERE to see what some Bodylastics customers have done to their bodies.







Q: How durable is Bodylastics?

A: We have spent 11 years tooling and retooling this system so that it is incredibly durable. Every material, component and design element is chosen to stand up to the most punishing workouts. A great example is our current tube design, which is 99.9% snap resistant due to our patented Snap Guard Technology.







Q: Do women get bulky from working out with Bodylastics?

A: This question usually comes from women who are afraid to look like the bodybuilding women that they see in the media. To answer the question, no. You will only get bulky if that is your goal. Bodylastics Bands are versatile enough to enable you to build muscle, or just tighten and tone. "Bulking Up" can be avoided by keeping the resistance levels low and the repetitions high.








Q: How long will Bodylastics Bands last?

A: This is a hard question since there are many factors which contribute to the answer. We always compare exercise bands to sneakers (both are rubber products). If you wear your sneakers often, but you treat them well they could last for years. However, If you wear your sneakers every day and you are hard on them, you could considerably cut their lifespan. That being said, we have plenty of customers who are still using their Bodylastics system after 3 to 4 years.







Q: How far will my bands stretch?

A: All Bodylastics bands (Tubes, Flat bands and Loops) will stretch to approximately 4 times their length. Our tubes use patented Snap Guard technology, which will prevent them from being stretched to a point where they will become damaged.







Q: Where can I find complete Bodylastics workouts

A: Once you purchase your Bodylastics product, we provide downloads of workouts to get you started. Onec you have become familiar with your Bodylastics product, you can go to to access thousands of full length workouts, custom designed for use with Bodylastics. LIVEexercise is the world’s largest collection of online workout videos that will help you reach all of your fitness goals.




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