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I am a retired Police Officer that has gone back to work in Security at a College. I read all you have about your equipment and decided to take a chance. I am truly happy that I did. After just three weeks I feel the strength I have gained.
Jack Q. Young


I travel about 50% of my time. Your Bodylastics system keeps me in the best shape ever!! It is my little secret I always have with me in my traveling luggage! And I travel a lot my friend! Worth much more than the price you ask for it :-)



I am a certified personal trainer in Rochester, NY. I love the Bodylastics bands. As a fitness trainer and enthusiast I have made believers out of all of my clients as well as the guys who think that they can't get bigger or stronger with the bands.
Martone Fuller


I am a mom of two and 56 years old. I see a difference already in my strength much quicker than with the big machines in the gym. It is a nice compliment to the cardio equipment machines and they are so easy to take when I travel. Thank you for this incredible product.
Debbie Schaub



I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing product. I have incorporated the Bodylastics Resistance Bands into my work and I have lost 30 pounds. I believe in your product. In my opinion Bodylastic Resistance Bands is the best home gym out there. God Bless.


My name is David Knapp. I am a personal trainer in New Jersey. I bought a set of your bands about one year ago. I must tell you this is a personal training company in a bag. My clients get a great workout with out leaving their homes.
David Knapp



I just got my set of Max Tension Bodylastics resistance bands on Tuesday. Let me tell you, my first workout was exactly what I expected it to be. AWESOME!!!! The quality of the system is better than any system I have looked at. Hooked!
Jim Pecora


I have been using the Bodylastics training system for the last month and I already see changes for the better. I am a former competitive bodybuilder and I haven't been able to lift regular weights due to injuries. I thought my bodybuilding days were over. However, at age 50, I am as enthused as ever.
John Sabol



Ever since receiving my Bodylastics bands from my husband as a gift, I cannot train, literally, without them! I am a certified personal trainer and ALL of my clients LOVE them. It has been my ultimate indoor/outdoor gym training tool.Thank you for having an extremely reliable training product!!!


I'm 47 and have been working out for about 10 years. I was burned out on the machines and wanted something portable that I could do on my own schedule. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your product!!! I had some troubles with my back in the past but have found that using elastics has eased that problem. Thank-You,
Vicia Collins



My name is Lou Lopez and at 51 years young I have been working out with everything from free weights to cables all my life. I am just a week into the Bodylastics and I swear they are easier to use than free weights yet much more effective.
Lou Lopez


Good Morning, I got my fitness bands a few weeks ago and really enjoy them very much. At first I was skeptical but, now having done several workouts with them I am a believer. Thanks for a great workout.
Chris Hickman



Initially I thought your bands were a joke and wouldn’t do anything but break. Now, 4 days later I am encountering sore muscles from using these “toys.” Their portability makes them invaluable and the cost, compared to weights, makes them a worthwhile investment.
Ron Gross


I finally received your product today. It took a while since I am stationed overseas in the Army. This product is great. The pump I got was like the first time I ever worked out. The full range of motion is great and the exercises are so smooth. I will be using this for years.
Doug A. Lee



Hi, Your product is the BEST. That speaks for itself. There is more you can with the bands than a $100,000 HAMMER machine.. It's a great product and deserves it's place in the market. I have never found the bands "limiting" in any way. Have a great day.
Dan Burke


I am writing to thank you for selling such a fantastic product. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 months of working out with the Bodylastics system and have recommended it to all my friends. I am a former personal trainer and now a Registered Nurse . It is so versatile you literally can do unlimited exercise routines.
John Pozega


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